JBC Prayer Ministry

Prayer Chain

Phone: 724-320-2230 (No text)

eMail or Text: jbcpray@gmail.com

Please include From: [Name] and For: [Name] in any message style to insure quick and proper response out to the prayer team.

Mission: Immediate, short term needs, involves the church Prayer Chain.

Operation: Call in, leave a voice message which is reviewed and a one-time Text/eMail is sent to the Prayer Chain team. You may also send your prayer requests as eMail or Text to above listed eMail.

Prayer List in Sunday Bulletin

Phone: 724-883-4088 (No text)

eMail or Text: jeffersonbaptist@hotmail.com

Mission: On-going, longer term needs, involves all active members.

Operation: Call, eMail, or Text Prayer request to the church secretary, who will add to or remove the request from the list in the Bulletin.

Listing Term: Please remember that bulletin space is limited, so please keep us updated about your requests.


Please be concerned about privacy. If calling about someone other than yourself, have their permission to speak for them, and state that in your request

For widespread publication with personal interaction, use one of your own social media accounts.